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What the Hasegawa mushroom farm cares about
Introduction to our growing facilities
What is Portabella?
Sales and delivery
Company background


Western mushrooms may still not be that familiar to many Japanese people compared with Shiitake and Shimeji (Japanese mushrooms). We produce western mushrooms.

What the Hasegawa mushroom farm cares about:
The mushrooms can be eaten raw, because at the Hasegawa farm we care about the safety of our product.

Introduction to our growing facilities:
The facilities and machines brought from a major mushroom cultivation center in the Netherlands are high quality and use the latest growing techniques.

Ways of eating mushrooms:
You don’t have to cook them fancy ways; you can enjoy them raw in salads or simply stir-fry them with butter.

What is Portabella?
It’s a big mushroom.

Sales and delivery:
We are waiting for your orders, from bulk requests from restaurants to small gift orders from individuals.

Company background:
Let us introduce our company to you.

Hasegawa Nosan Ltd.

How about mushrooms as a gift?


In English it is mushroom; in French it is champignon; in Japanese it is haratake, tsukuritake, or western mushroom. In western countries people simply call them mushrooms.

In Japan, they were grown for the first time in the early years of the Meiji era. It was in the Taisho era, however, when they were grown in earnest. In all, it was one hundred years after their introduction to Japan when fresh mushrooms first appeared on the market.

Even though the Japanese think of exquisite western cuisine whenever they hear of mushrooms, people can enjoy them simply sauteed with butter or just slice fresh mushrooms and use them in salads. Being able to eat these mushrooms raw is one of their features; you can taste their subtle flavor and sweetness, enjoying their good taste and unique firmness.

Mushrooms are a healthy, low-calorie food and are rich in protein and contain vitamins B1 and B2. They contain several kinds of amino acids, including glutamic acid, which gives them a good taste. These mushrooms contain 2.5 times as much protein as Japanese mushrooms (shiitake). Because mushrooms have the effect of quickening cell regeneration, they contribute to healthy skin, hair and nails. Mushrooms are also effective in the prevention of mouth ulcers, inflammation of the cornea, and adult diseases like hardening of the arteries.

The fact that mushroom extract deodorizes effectively has attracted considerable attention lately. It has a good effect on bad breath as well as reducing the odor of stools. It is now known that taking mushroom extract continuously has a positive effect on bowel movements, solving constipation problems, and deodorizing body odor. Consequently, it is contained in many kinds of products.

Western mushrooms are white, cream, and brown, but the white kind is grown most widely.

The original mushroom is the brown one; it has a rich taste. The cream-colored mushroom is only processed into canned mushrooms.

How about mushrooms as a gift?


Hasegawa’s Mushrooms

No agricultural chemicals and no bleach are used; therefore, you can eat them raw.

Our mushroom farm is located at the foot of Mount Fuji. Mushrooms produced by Hasegawa Nosan are grown right here. We brought the latest mushroom cultivation techniques and facilities from the most advanced country of mushroom cultivation, the Netherlands. And we have established our know-how, setting the facilities to the best conditions all the time by using computerized systems.

You can safely eat our mushrooms raw as we do not use any agricultural chemicals for producing them, and, in addition, we don’t use bleach. You can enjoy the firmness which is unique to this mushroom, as well as the subtle flavor and sweetness. We would like to share the genuine good taste of mushrooms with as many people as possible. To fulfill this aim, we are working hard at producing safe, high quality, and tasty mushrooms.


How about mushrooms as a gift?

Cultivation facilities

-Filling up the compost bed using large-scale machines.
-The mushroom spawn we use is Dutch mushroom spawn.
-Cultivation area-1,500m2
-Computerized cultivation-Our computerized system which controls the environment of each growing room is linked with the Netherlands on-line.This is to contribute to the high quality and consistent production of our mushrooms.
-The harvest of mushrooms
--Product amount-160 tons/year
--Shipping-shipped out by refrigerated transportation on the day the mushrooms are harvested
--Disposal of compostthe compost is sterilized by steam and becomes organic compost used by the local farmers for growing vegetables.



In Italian, porta means a big umbrella and bella means beautiful. Portabella is a fully ripened mushroom and it has a rich taste and a characteristic firmness. The diameter of the umbrella is between 8 and 10 centimeters.

Mushrooms are shown here for comparison.

Above left: they are the usual white mushrooms
Below left: small size Japanese Shiitake mushrooms
Above right: Portabella
Below Portabella: Japanese Hiratake mushrooms, called Shimeji
Below right: Japanese Enokidake mushrooms


How about mushrooms as a gift?

Mushroom Order Form

After filling in all the items below, please push the send button once only.

  1. Name
  2. Zip code
  3. Address
  4. Telephone
  5. E-mail
  6. Order
    Assorted set: Eringi mushrooms, Maitake mushrooms, White mushrooms and Brown mushrooms.
    Please choose the content of your order.
    The delivery cost is included. Consumer tax is not included.
    Please call the office below if you would like to make a bulk order for your business.
    Hasegawa Nosan Ltd.
    E-mail info@hasegawa-nosan.co.jp
    Tel. (0545) 51-4611
    Fax (0545) 51-0053
  7. Further Information
    Fill in details of multiple orders and/or recipients’ names and addresses if the order is not to be sent to your address
  8. How to Pay
    Please choose the method of payment.
    For business use, please feel free to make inquiries.
    Sending. Clearing the content of your input

If you cannot send the form easily, please send your order to info@hasegawa-nosan.co.jp. We will send an order confirmation back to you.


Information about the company


Name: Hasegawa Nosan Ltd.
Location: 1320-9 Denbo, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken
Telephone Number: 0545-51-4611
Fax: 0545-51-0053
Director: Akichika Hasegawa
E-mail: info@hasegawa-nosan.co.jp
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm
Capital: 5,000,000 yen
Employees: 30
Industry: Mushroom production and sales

The history of the company

November 1990-Establishment of the company
August 1991-Training in the Netherlands
January 1992-Cultivation started under the instruction of a professional Dutch mushroom growing technician.
March 1992-Harvest, started delivery of mushrooms.


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